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Birthday Photos for JQ, Babups, & Presto

It’s time to get these photos up to show our Birthdays for January, February, and March.

These birthdays are all squished into 5 weeks so it feels like all we do is open birthday gifts and eat birthday cake…or pie…or cupcakes.

Happy Birthday you three!

JQ is officially an adult!



Presto is our Star Wars maniac!



Babups is now official. Watch out night drivers and all you girls!


Grandpa Babups


“Grumpy Grandpa” is what I call this picture.

I was just trying to get a close up of him but he wasn’t one bit amused.


Now this cute-bushy-mustache Grandpa look is more appealing, Babups.

Our iFamily home school play “Everybody Nose”, was a hit a couple of weeks ago.

Babups played the story telling, Grandpa/narrator in the play which entailed fairies, princesses, enchanted forests, and a handsome prince that had a really super big, big, big nose.

(CaRynn working her magic aging Babups 50+ years.)


The cast and crew were fabulous and entertaining and the costumes, makeup, hair and scenery–I’d say were quite superb.

I just love live entertainment that is wholesome and well done.

Thanks goes out to Heather F. (and all the other Moms) for their efforts and sacrifice to make another production wonderfully successful.

I tell you…home school Moms ROCK!

(Which reminds me–that is another post for another time.)

APPLAUSE for all you adorable performers. I enjoyed every minute!



The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Last May, Babups was in our iFamily Shakespeare play, “The Two Gentleman of Verona”.


Babups was the bad guy, Proteus.

Hence, the black costume.

I mean, Proteus was a good guy at first but then he turned into a two timer and slime ball.

It was a great play and I was very impressed with the young cast’s abilities.

As part of the play, Babups had to grow out his hair as long as he could.

This was interesting at the end…some wild crazy hair for sure.



Great job being the bad guy, Babups.

You had a lot of hard Shakespeare lines to memorize…amazing!

I loved seeing you swagger across the stage and fight with a sword.

Pretty entertaining!


I hope this is the first of many plays to come.


The Faces of Babups

Before the month of March is over, which it soon will be, I wanted to spotlight our March baby, handsome and fun-loving son, Babups.


I was looking through my pictures and I saw so many darling pictures of him.  Pictures that were so cute, hilarious, and just Babups.  They warmed my heart and made me smile.

I’m sure he won’t like all these pictures of him on my blog, he’s kind of a private person.

But I will do it anyway and ask for forgiveness tomorrow.

You are loved, Babups!

November 2012 Summary

 The month of November was filled to the brim…as is every month.
We started out with Election Day and that didn’t pan out the way we wanted.  
At least we can stop watching all the news and campaign hoop-la.
 But Josh was able to get all four wisdom teeth out. Lucky for him he didn’t get puffy chipmunk cheeks and didn’t even have to take pain meds after the first initial shots.  
Easy Peasy!
O course you can’t have November without Thanksgiving and these pictures only captured the yummy desserts AFTER the amazing dinner of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with gravy, butternut squash casserole, salads, and rolls.  Oh it was a divine meal.
Thanks Sherry and Steve for hosting such a delightful and delicious dinner!
 Along with yummy food, there was lots of fun family to make the day perfect.
Here is Curtis and Adie and trio of boys: Christian in the car seat, Carter in Adie’s arms, and Cannon.
 Lauren and Jeren Browning– newly weds since August.
Cousins and friends:  Elise (left bottom corner), Megan, Brooke Robbins (Brooks’ friend), & Josh.
Josh again, Nathan and Julian an exchange student staying with the Moser’s from Germany.
Brooks, (Josh bombing the photo) Nathan and Julian again.
And the last day of November, Alex had his Renaissance Fair for his Shakespeare Class.  Pretty cool dragon…
Alex thinks so too.
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