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Birthday Photos: Eboo, B Trout & Dolly M

Happy Birthday to my spring babies- April, May and June. (And yes I know it is the middle of summer now.)

You all make my life full and crazy happy. I am blessed to be apart of your lives.

Eboo received her first phone!



B Trout, the bachelor!


Dolly M our first college woman.


Trust in the Lord

“God will take you as you are at this very moment and begin to work with you. All you need is a willing heart, a desire to believe, and trust in the Lord.”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf


 My three little sons are now men.

When they were young, I pleaded with God that He would work miracles and sand off the many rough edges.

They seemed to be far from “the mark” AND my mothering was also a bumpy imperfect “work in progress”.

Not a good combination.

But, like always, He comes through for ALL of us.

And He continues to work with all of us.

 Now, they are men with willing believing hearts and they trust in the Lord.

My plea now is that they may always stay this way.

God does work miracles if we just let Him.




May, June, July Birthdays

Sorry, but I haven’t wished  B Trout, Dolly M, and JuBean birthday wishes yet.

I am drastically running behind this summer.

B Trout was in May.

His first birthday home since he left for his mission.

It’s so wonderful having you back B Trout!!


Dolly M was in June.

This year was that magical “Sweet Sixteen” birthday for her.

And according to Dolly M, it was the best birthday EVER.


And finally, but not least, JuBean was in July.

My baby girl is growing up.


Each of you mean the world to me and I love being your Mom.


Luv u!  Mom xoxo

Grateful Sabbath Photos


I just found these photos as I was going through my computer today.

I love it when I find heart warming surprises like this.

Obviously, I did not take them but was thrilled to see such darling gems.

They make me smile and almost laugh out loud they are so darn cute.

The first one, JuBean on the clock (yes we have a clock in our floor) and dressed up cowgirl style, was probably taken by her siblings as they dressed her up playing some creative something or other. Don’t you just love the plaid, the zebra print, the hot pink, the neon yellow, and the sombrero-like hat? Picturesque! But my favorite things are her precious eyes and adorable pudgy feet 🙂

The next three are B Trout and JuBean (my oldest and youngest) from this last summer.

These two were just getting to know one another and B Trout was loving the novelty of his new phone’s camera after being without one for two years.  JuBean was a bit stand offish and B Trout was quite picture happy.

I laughed out loud as I found 20 or so photos like these.

I spared you and only posted three of them.

I am grateful for being their Mom.





B Trout off to college
The pain hit hard again.  
Just when your children become all that you hoped for them to become, and they are so pleasant and joyous to be with and to TALK with, then, they just get up and leave. 
Well, I think that just stinks and I don’t like it one bit.
I hugged my son, for the last time as my own.  He wasn’t solely the Lord’s anymore, he had served an honorable mission, and he wasn’t some young woman’s honey,… at least not yet.  
He was my son again, like it used to be, for 5 more minutes.
No wonder I didn’t want to let go.  
No wonder I was emotional. 
No wonder it hurt like the dickens. 
Now he’s gone, off to live his own life and I have a feeling– 
 a heavy heart-sick feeling. 
When he comes back, it will never be the same, again. 
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