January 2011- Entire family (minus Elder B Trout of course) took a well needed Disneyland vacation. We spent 3 days in Disneyland and LOVED the perfect 70 degree weather all week
JQ turned sweet 16, January 26, while at Disneyland and said he could not ask for a better birthday!
In February, Presto turned 5 and finally got his desperate wish of having his birthday come. (He had been asking when his birthday would arrive since September 2010!)
Babups earned his Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award and became an official Boy Scout. He turned 11 the first day of March.
T-Bob’s Eagle Court of Honor FINALLY happened April 24, Easter Sunday, and we were all overjoyed with relief. Just 3 more to go for Mom!
The amazing #8 birthday rolled around for Eboo in April and she was baptized April 30, 2011, by her Dad. She looked so adorable in her white baptism dress. It was a wonderful, simply joyful day.
Our iFAMILY’s Shakespeare play “Twelfth Night” had performance week May 3-7, 2011. It was intense and a huge amount of work, but was worth it as you watched the kids do so well. Their costumes were amazing and the quality of acting was truly noticed. T-Bob was Sir Toby and JQ was Duke Orsino.
On Mother’s Day, it was extra special with a Skype phone call from Elder B Trout. What a delight to see his cute face and hear his maturing voice. Of course it was painful to hit the hang-up button, but it was the best present I received that day. (Yep, even better than the chocolate cherries.)
JQ has braces! The day after Mother’s Day, JQ’s smile was changed for next 18 months with braces. Dolly M is smiling because her braces come off in a couple of months!
Dolly M had her Group Voice recital on May 13, 2011, and she and the girls did great. The solo number that she performed was “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” from “My Fair Lady”. She was animated, danced around a little, and sounded like a Broadway star! At least, that is what her dad and mom heard. 🙂
On that same spooky day, May 13 (or Friday the 13th), T-Bob had four wisdom teeth pulled. He did pretty good except for the one tooth that was impacted. He has been swollen on one side and in some pain for the last couple of days now. But I think he is on the mend and hasn’t minded the couple of girls that have showed up with offerings of ice cream and “Get Well” wishes. 🙂

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  1. Lots of special days have taken place in your family lately!!! That's what life is all about!!!

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