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Being a Mother

I am so grateful to be here on this earth to live, cry, laugh, learn and play with my children.

I realized again today that I am living the perfect life…being a mother.

I was given a Greg Olsen picture entitled “Take My Hand” from EB today for Mother’s Day.

This is a special picture to Presto during his recent illness and has become the symbol of the fiery journey our family bore this past winter.

Take My Hand--Greg Olsen
Take My Hand–Greg Olsen

This picture overwhelms me with peace and comfort as I know that the Savior walks with me and all mother’s daily.

But most importantly, He walks with our children through any kind of weather and circumstance they may have to endure.

That knowledge is what I am most grateful for this Mother’s Day.

There will be troublesome tests, distressing years and rugged obstacles that our children will be asked to go through.

That is God’s design for His children.

But as we teach our little ones to take His hand and trust in the Lord, that is the best gift we can give our children as mothers.

I hope to give each of my precious children that gift.

That is the kind of mother I want to be.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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