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B Trout off to college
The pain hit hard again.  
Just when your children become all that you hoped for them to become, and they are so pleasant and joyous to be with and to TALK with, then, they just get up and leave. 
Well, I think that just stinks and I don’t like it one bit.
I hugged my son, for the last time as my own.  He wasn’t solely the Lord’s anymore, he had served an honorable mission, and he wasn’t some young woman’s honey,… at least not yet.  
He was my son again, like it used to be, for 5 more minutes.
No wonder I didn’t want to let go.  
No wonder I was emotional. 
No wonder it hurt like the dickens. 
Now he’s gone, off to live his own life and I have a feeling– 
 a heavy heart-sick feeling. 
When he comes back, it will never be the same, again. 

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