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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

What a thrilling and busy week we have had.  Our family was heavily involved with the iFamily youth group (iShakespeareLive!) play this last week.  They performed Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Whew! That was  a lot of work.  But with anything worthwhile, it was all worth the immense effort and time put in.   Dolly M was Helena, Eboo was a little fairy, Presto got to sub in for the last two performances, and JQ was the head Stage Crew guy! After working hard since January on this play, it all came together and was a great success.  Now we can get back to regular life.  Here are some pictures of the performance week.


 Presto and Eboo standing in line shaking hands.
 Jace (Demetrius), Dolly M (Helena), Natalie (Hermia), and Grant, (Lysander)
 Demetrius doting on Helena 🙂
My Shakespearean girls!
 Hermia (Natalie) and Helena (Dolly M)
 Eboo getting ready back stage with all the fairies.
 Presto sitting on the stage during one of his scenes.  
Bravo, bravo!

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