2020 Year in Review

What could have been better than this year?


However, to give the first year of a new decade a fair shake, the year 2020 did bless us in some very unexpected ways.

May I name my top 10?

  1. We learned how to make toilet paper stretch…enough said.
  2. We learned how much we NEED toilet paper…again, enough said.
  3. We learned to use home delivery services like a boss. Thank you Walmart Pickup!
  4. We learned to always have masks and hand sanitizer in our purse.
  5. We learned how to use the word “zoom” as a noun instead of an adjective.
  6. We learned how to dress up like doctors, dentists, and nurses wearing surgical masks at church, school and the grocery store.
  7. We learned how to communicate while wearing a mask…not an easy mask-task.
  8. We learned how to correctly wash our hands like we were in kindergarten …20 seconds people!
  9. We learned who the WHO was and what the heck an R Naught was not.
  10. We learned a new term, “social distance” and how to form a line in the store by finding and standing on the floor circles six feet apart.

But in all seriousness, and no matter your political leanings of “pro-masks” or “anti-masks”, I truly believe we learned a most important lesson: that life is a gift we must cherish to the fullest and to love each day we have with our besties…. our loved ones.

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