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JQ Got His Mission Call!

The famous white envelope arrived Thursday, Dec 20.
But JQ waited until Friday, Dec 21 to open it.
Everyone who came over made two guesses, one state side and one foreign, as where they thought JQ was going.

                             Where do you think he is going?

He got the steak knife to open it.  
I was worried he was going to hurt himself with that knife.
JQ was nervous, but very excited.
I thought he was never going to open it!
Finally, the waiting was over.  
The envelope was torn open, JQ covered the bottom so he couldn’t see the name, and he began reading.
He is going to…..
Canada Calgary Mission!!!!
 He leaves for the Provo MTC, 
April 10, 2013.
Congratulations JQ, soon to be
Elder JQ!
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