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It is Fall Time and Halloween!!

I love the whole feeling of October even down to the messy pumpkin carving that has to happen on my kitchen table every year…without fail.
And since there are a lot of us and everyone has to do their own pumpkin, we have a big…NO, a H U G E ooey, gooey pumpkin mess.
This is Brooke, B Trout’s friend he brought home from LDSBC.  Yes, she’s cute, a girl, and our kids think she’s pretty cool.  So does B Trout.
We even made some egg carton bats to hang on our fern.  Eboo and Presto did those.  Check out the post where I explain the how to’s.  (Simple and fast craft I must say.  Love it!)
Here are the costumes at iFamily.
And here are the ones for the Trunk or Treat.
JuBean didn’t like getting dressed up, but put up with it so I could try and get some pictures of her.  The TRYING was not easy.
Those pom poms were darling, but JuBean kept ripping them off her head. One year olds don’t like costumes or pictures being taken in those costumes.
Cool carved pumpkins.  Presto was relieved that no one came and smashed them.  He was so worried.
Group photos with bad lighting and squirmy JuBean.  
But I had to get them together!
The two cooperative boys, all ready to go trick or treating.  
I love six year old boys!
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