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Mermaid Project

I spent a lot of time today with mermaids.  Yes, I photographed many fins (and dolls and barbies) today for FinFunMermaid.  EB’s parents started FinFunMermaid and now they are letting their children take the reins and run with it while they are on an LDS mission in Riverside, California.  Therefore, mermaids have taken over my husbands life, and lately our home!  I am not a professional photographer or anything like it, but I had fun trying to figure out my beloved camera and how to make those fins sparkle and look amazing without the ocean, sand and seaweed.  Dolly M and Eboo were my models today and JuBean wanted desperately a turn on the rocks to smile and be like her sisters.

It was a great challenge and I’m sure I’ll continue to help, but I think I’ll keep my day job…Mom and HS Mom.
FinFun tail


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  1. Great pictures, Jana!! I am glad you are sticking with being a mom-that is the most important job there is…and you are so good at it!!! The title, Joyfully Simple is perfect! It reminded me that I need to simplify…and get rid of what really doesn’t matter…and be happy about it!!! Thanks!!!

    October 5, 2012

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