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It Feels Like Christmas!

I had to stay awake after JuBean was up again early early this morning.  I could not go back to sleep even though my tired body needs the sleep.  But it’s so exciting and thrilling…this weekend…it’s Conference Weekend!!  I sure hope I can wait patiently until 10:00 am.  
What a blessing to all the world that there are Prophets of God that speak to us now just like they did in Bible times.  I just want to shout out to all of the world,  
“Everyone, turn on your TV’s, your radios and be uplifted from all the sorrow and sin that surrounds us!!!  Wake up and listen!  God loves us all and wants to succor His children in the trials and struggles we all face!  Open your ears to hear and eyes to see God’s love for you!  This weekend He is pouring out his mercy and grace through the words of Prophets and righteous men and women!  Watch and listen and hope will abound!”
Sorry for all the !’s  I’ll stop shouting now.  But… I’m still so excited.  Three more hours..heehee…it feels like Christmas.
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