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The Power of Words

I found this quote at the beginning of the year.

It actually came from the new planner I purchased and it sits on my computer stand.

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind- be led by the dreams in your heart.”  

~Roy T Bennett

Too many times fear selfishly blocks the forward thinking that is critical to our progress and growth.

Fear just stunts, blinds, destroys and paralyzes us, to the point where our choices become limited and we are being shoved and compelled by something that goes against what we really want and need!

On the other hand, dreams are what lead us onward, upward and forward, helping us to forge ahead to higher ground.

And so people, we MUST keep our mind and heart on the same team and not be cluelessly dragged and bulldozed by worry and anxiety.

REALITY CHECK-  I know that’s easier typed than done. I get it.

So…in all honesty…how do we stop fear from infecting our minds?

How do we keep fear from messing with our mindset and ramming us farther away from our PURPOSE and dreams?

One word: WORDs.

Prayers use words, quotes use words, scriptures use words, and people use words.

Pray, read, and connect with people.

Fear is no match to words… and especially The Word.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  

2 Timothy 1:7







2020 Year in Review

What could have been better than this year?


However, to give the first year of a new decade a fair shake, the year 2020 did bless us in some very unexpected ways.

May I name my top 10?

  1. We learned how to make toilet paper stretch…enough said.
  2. We learned how much we NEED toilet paper…again, enough said.
  3. We learned to use home delivery services like a boss. Thank you Walmart Pickup!
  4. We learned to always have masks and hand sanitizer in our purse.
  5. We learned how to use the word “zoom” as a noun instead of an adjective.
  6. We learned how to dress up like doctors, dentists, and nurses wearing surgical masks at church, school and the grocery store.
  7. We learned how to communicate while wearing a mask…not an easy mask-task.
  8. We learned how to correctly wash our hands like we were in kindergarten …20 seconds people!
  9. We learned who the WHO was and what the heck an R Naught was not.
  10. We learned a new term, “social distance” and how to form a line in the store by finding and standing on the floor circles six feet apart.

But in all seriousness, and no matter your political leanings of “pro-masks” or “anti-masks”, I truly believe we learned a most important lesson: that life is a gift we must cherish to the fullest and to love each day we have with our besties…. our loved ones.

Hope for Light

A Ray of Hope Pierces the Darkness

Today may just be an ordinary day for the majority of us around the world.

But today may happen to be a bleak and tragic day somewhere, somehow, and for someone.

I’ve had those days, and I’m sure there will be more.

I remember thinking to myself, “Everyone else is just going about their day as usual, but here I am struggling to find breath, to find hope, to see any type of light in the darkness.”

For those that are having days, weeks, and months like that, just know, there is hope. Whatever is happening today, light will return into your future days.

Just face the Light, take His hand, and hold on as tight as you can. Patiently go one day at a time, moving forward as best you can in His care.

Hope will come in different ways: a person, a message, a song, or a sunrise you’ve watched appear after you’ve sobbed all night.

Please do not give up or give into despair.

The light will come. Peace will return.

“The Hope of God’s Light” Dieter Uchtdorf

Inspirational message for finding hope.

“A Ray of Hope Pierces the Darkness”

Welcome to Idaho

Goodbye Arizona.

What a time that was… and in the moment it was not fun.

We had to leave our three year mission 10 days early because PB was having symptoms that the Dr said was assuredly COVID. 

So in less than 24 hours of that news, we packed up our stuff that would fit in our two cars and headed out. The rest of our stuff the movers would bring weeks later, and we left the ATM in a confused, panicked mode. 

No official good-byes to our missionaries, no last thank you’s to give, just– leave ASAP.

Eventually, we made it home, driving all the way with a sick PB.



When we arrived home, our Idaho married children and grandchildren were waiting outside with signs,  smiles, and cheers…that was wonderful. 

However, there were the NO hugs, NO embraces, only a distant hello and far away waves.

That was heart breaking. Not what we had ever anticipated.


THEN, our long awaited reunion was abruptly ended as they got in their cars and left.

Slowly and tiredly, we went into the house to quarantine.

Welcome home.

Tucson Spring Blossoms

These photos are the recent images I see every morning when I go for a walk/run.

Here in Tucson, the spring time is absolutely the best, the bomb, the GOAT….perfect heavenly weather and beautiful blossoms everywhere.

Often, I get so distracted by the beauty around me, I can’t stay focused on keeping my heart rate up!  I am just preoccupied with taking pictures.

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